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dream in bloom by uiri
dream in bloom
preview for the Dreams of Color artbook, a charity artbook for the Dreams Come True Charity! More info here: dreamincolorartbook.deviantart…

Thanks so much for the invitation, I'm honored! I chose the theme of Dream in/of Bloom because I love flowers.
BnT: Kikuchi, Shun by uiri
BnT: Kikuchi, Shun
omg apologizes for my chara o(-<


Name: Kikuchi, Shun (菊池)
Nickname: Shuchi, Shun-kun 
Gender: Female
Weight: 78 kg | 171 lbs
Birthday: 08/17 (Leo)
Blood type: O
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"
Age: 16
Grade: II
Club: track/field

Shun is a down-to-earth girl. She's practical, level-headed, and tries to find the good in bad situations. For example, she takes full advantage of her long legs to increase her stride in races. However, she's very individualistic and is pretty bad at playing in team sports (reasons why she's in track). She likes to do everything herself and gets pretty willful if other people try to take projects out of her hand. She also gets really impatient when things take too slowly to load or finish. She rarely gets seriously mad, but when she does, she holds grudges. Shun realizes she has masculine qualities (tall and lean/flat due to running long distance), and doesn't mind if people mistake her for a guy (in fact, she won't even correct you because she thinks it's kind of amusing). She's not very materialistic either, but will spend money on good shoes and running gear.

Likes: running long distances, being warm, shoes that have been worn in well, salonpas, math (most liked subject), cute bento boxes/food

Dislikes: slow people, pushy people, getting freckles from the sun, being taller than guys, bad weather, the smell of sunscreen, protein powder, remembering to take her vitamins, art (least liked subject), mom nagging at her height

Shun was born in Koshu and has grown up here all her life. She grew up thinking that her name meant fast (駿) instead of talented (俊), and took it too literally. She picked up running to "live up" to her namesake since it was a cheap form of recreation and there wasn't much to do in Koshu (helping out with the family business got old).  

Eventually running became her "thing," that one thing she was remotely good at, so she got even more invested in it, looking into better sneakers and actually looking up proper running form. She started competing in track meets in middle school, and got deeply invested in marking her success at running by the placement she got at the meets. 
Shun is pretty fast, but simply likes running because it is a way to keep occupied without much thought. Running also took her around the gorgeous scenery of Koshu, something she liked because she felt she missed most of the natural beauty while travelling by car.

She ate well, exercised a lot, and slept early (to wake up early to run when it wasn't so hot during the day), and thus grew past her mom's predicted height of 5'8", something her mom regrets since she feels like being tall isn't a quality in a lady. Her older sister, Inari, encouraged her to run more though, and brought back a pair of really good running sneakers as a gift for Shun before Shun went into high school. However, due to her long runs alone around the fields and orchards, she hasn't really accumulated many friends and is looking to change that. She took her first year of high school as a "year to adjust to high school life" but was honestly too used to being alone to start making friends.

She helps out with her family a lot by sometimes doing near-by deliveries, helping make or cook dumplings, or by just taking care of her younger brothers.

- Kikuchi, Hiroshi (43) - Father, 5'10", co-owns a dumpling shop, wondering if he should start making other foods too, thinks Shun needs to concentrate less on running and more on school, Shun is very attached to him and helps him make dumplings sometimes
- Kikuchi, Kumiko (39) - Mother, 5'6", co-owns a dumpling shop, obsessed with getting rid of her wrinkles so imports a lot of face creams, nags Shun about her height and wants her to stay out of the sun when running
- Kikuchi, Inari (20) - Older sister, 5'7", currently out of the city attending college at Gifu's Women University, likes to put make up on and dress up Shun (she thinks Shun has great legs for fashion) and keeps in touch quite often, brings back cooler "in" things whenever she visits for holidays
- Kikuchi, Makoto (13) - Younger brother, 4'11.5", twin of Minoru, life goal is to grow up taller than Shun, more rowdy than Minoru, likes asking Shun to make him omurice
- Kikuchi, Minoru (13) - Younger brother, 4'11", twin of Makoto, wants a 3DS, always asks Shun to tie his shoes because he thinks Shun ties shoes well 

Additional Info:
- Current worry: wants a dog or a running companion, worried about her tan lines
- Even though she's accepted her boyish looks and charm, she's still a girl at heart and is kind of sad she's probably taller than most of the guys
- worries a little about how heavy she might seem even though it's all lean muscle
- goes through socks like mad
- rarely finds women's shoes that fit so buys men's running sneakers



call me ui
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